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Carl H. Smith, DDS

Practicing Adult Reconstructive & Implant Dentistry since 1970

Carl H. Smith, DDS
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Since 1982, Dr. Smith has worked closely with his son, Mr. Randey C. Smith, CDT, on all porcelain cosmetic cases. Mr. Randey Smith has studied under world-renowned dental ceramists Willi Geller (Switzerland), Hitoshi Aoshima (Japan) and Jean Marc Etienne (France). He is one of only ten members in the United States of the prestigious Oral Design International Teaching Group. Mr. Smith regularly conducts seminars throughout the United States and Canada and is a guest lecturer at the UCLA Center for Esthetic Dentistry and the NYU School of Dentistry.

Randey’s specialty is in creating porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges with all of the subtle nuances of natural teeth so that every tooth we restore or replace appears exactly as a real tooth, unlike most restored teeth which look obviously opaque, monochromatic and false. Some examples of Randey’s expertise are illustrated in the following cases that Dr. Smith has completed:

This illustrates a single appointment visit for extraction of a failing incisor, placement of an implant in the socket and placement of a crown on the implant.  This photo was taken 30 minutes after completion of the 90 minute procedure.  Can you guess which tooth was replaced?

These four apparently perfect natural teeth are in reality four porcelain veneers.


This patient’s two front crowns are obviously very artificial in appearance.


Now the two front teeth blend perfectly and are indistinguishable from the natural teeth.

The arrow points to a porcelain crown that perfectly matches the characterizations of this patient's natural teeth.

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